SharePoint Game Webpart

SharePoint Game Webpart

Goal: The Game of Life web part was created for a talk I presented at SharePoint Saturday New York in 2009. At the time, SharePoint 2010 was still in Beta and most people hadn’t see the Enterprise Metadata Management (taxonomy) features. I used the Game of Life web part as an introduction to the new taxonomy API. I offered to provide the code, so here it is.
Requirements ———————– – SharePoint Server 2010 with Enterprise Features – Visual Studio 2010 (inc. SharePoint tools)
Setup ———————–
 1. Add your account as a Term Store Administrator. This right is independent to Site Collection Administrator or Farm Administrator status.
To open the Term Store Management Tool go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Administartion > Term Store Management.
 You can also  open the same interface from Central Administration > Manage Service Applications > Managed Metadata Service.
2. Run the soluiton file for the web part and choose Debug.
“To interact with SharePoint projects in Visual Studio, your system user account must have administrator privileges.” — MS
3. Once you have the project running in debug mode, add the Game of Life web part to a page and set the values for the Managed Metadata Service and TermStore Group name in the web part properties.
4. Choose a preset pattern or set your own by clicking on cells in the grid.
5. Set the number of generations and then run it.

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