Sharepoint Fields and update / retrive Values

Lookup Field
Field Class: SPFieldLookup Field Value Class: SPFieldLookupValue
Populating Information: item[“FieldName”] = new SPFieldLookupValue(“Title”);
 // SharePoint will do the lookup as long as the LookupValue’s are unique item.Update(); or item[“FieldName”] = new SPFieldLookupValue(1, “Title”); item.Update(); Retrieving Information: SPFieldLookupValue itemValue = item[“FieldName”] as SPFieldLookupValue; int id = itemValue.LookupId; string value = itemValue.LookupValue;
Multiple Lookup Field
Field Class: SPFieldLookup Field Value Class: SPFieldLookupValueCollection
Populating Information: SPFieldLookupValueCollection itemValues = SPFieldLookupValueCollection(); itemValues.Add(new SPFieldLookupValue(1, “Title”)); item[“FieldName”] = itemValues; item.Update(); Retrieving Information: SPFieldLookupValueCollection itemValues = item[“FieldName”] as SPFieldLookupValueCollection; foreach (SPFieldLookupValue itemValue in itemValues) {   int id = itemValue.LookupId;   string value = itemValue.LookupValue; }
User Field
Field Class: SPFieldUser Field Value Class: SPFieldUserValue
Populating Information: web.EnsureUser(@”domain\username”); SPUser user = web.AllUsers[@”domain\username”]; item[“FieldName”] = user; item.Update(); Retrieving Information: string currentValue = item[“FieldName”].ToString(); SPFieldUser userField = list.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(“FieldName”); SPFieldUserValue itemValue = (SPFieldUserValue)userField.GetFieldValue(currentValue); SPUser user = itemValue.User;
URL Field
Field Class: SPFieldUrl Field Value Class: SPFieldUrlValue
Populating Information: SPFieldUrlValue urlValue = new SPFieldUrlValue(); urlValue.Url = “”; urlValue.Description = “Google”; item[“FieldName”] = urlValue; item.Update(); Retrieving Information: SPFieldUrlValue urlValue = new SPFieldUrlValue(item[“FieldName”].ToString()); string url = urlValue.Url; string description = urlValue.Description;
Multiple Choice Field
Field Class: SPFieldMultiChoice Field Value Class: SPFieldMultiChoiceValue
Populating Information: SPFieldMultiChoiceValue itemValue = new SPFieldMultiChoiceValue(); itemValue.Add(“Choice 1”); itemValue.Add(“Choice 2”); itemValue.Add(“Choice 3”); item[“FieldName”] = itemValue; item.Update(); Retrieving Information: SPFieldMultiChoiceValue itemValue = new SPFieldMultiChoiceValue(item[“FieldName”].ToString()); foreach (string choice in itemValue) {   // value is in choice }

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