SharePoint 2010 Mailing Feature

SharePoint Mailing Feature
Project Description Winwise.SPMailing is a SharePoint 2010 solution that allows users to extract SharePoint content in order to generate mailings (newsletters) and send them.
Example Use an announcement list and a links list as repository for newsletter content :
Define categories, select rendering templates :
Then generate a newsletter and send it to site users :
Key features
  • Manage distribution lists that can include users, AD groups and regular SharePoint contacts
  • Categories architecture is based on user-defined CAML queries
  • Images are embedded into emails so it fits extranet scenarios
  • Mailings can be generated on a regular basis using an included workflow
  • The solution is localized in both english and french
  • Powerful logging engine
  • Mail templates and category templates are customizable using SharePoint Designer
  • Sample templates included for a quick start
  • Specify a specific user account to impersonate for generation : security is applied
  • Queries are limited to the current site collection (security)
  • SPMailing feature can only be activated by a site collection administrator (security)
Documentation and quick start tutorial available here: Winwise.SPMailing documentation.

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