Differences between SSP and Service Application

Differences between SSP and Service Application

Differences between SSP and Service Application are :
What are :
SSP : A Web application that contain all the services proived by sharepoint, and can be shared by various web applications. Some of the services are Search, Infopath,User Profiles etc.
Service Application : The Services that use to be together in SSP, now run independently as a Service Application.
Build -In :
SSP : Shared Services Provider (SSP) was only a part of Office SharePoint Server 2007.
Service Applications : The service application architecture is however, built into Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 itself.
SSP Administration Site : SSP : They require a SSP administration site to configure the associations with web applications.
Service Application : They are running independently and can be individually associated with the one or more web applications.
Web application’s Burden :
SSP : Any Web application associated with the SSP has to take the burden of all the shared services in that SSP.
Service Application : Each web application now have a “Service application group” where they can just add the Services that they need.
Replication :
SSP : The Services where configured in SSP itself and were not replicated. All web applications will use one set of srevices.
Service Application : If the service is needed to be shared between few web applications, the service is re-configured and added into each web application’s custom service connection group.

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